Ever since my wife decided to dunk our camera into a strawberry daiquiri 2 years ago we have been an iPhone as a primary camera family. Remember back when you used to have an electronic device that it’s primary purpose was to take pictures? The current iPhones are good enough now to be a primary camera for most people which is great for convenience. My problem had always been getting those photos off of the phones and into my library.

My phone was fine since I’d remember to plug it in every week or two and get the pictures off. My wife’s phone was a different story. First, I’d remember to plug it in every couple months. Second, she takes a bunch of photos…some of questionable quality. Combine that with my ocd-like behavior of needing to tag every photo resulted in marathon photo tagging sessions. That sucked.

Then I found a small app called CameraSync.


CameraSync does what the title says, it syncs your photos to the cloud wirelessly. So I set it up on both phones to sync new photos to a Dropbox folder and now the photos just magically appear on my desktop. Small batches FTW.

But there’s more! CameraSync also does that cool background job thing once you enter a geofence. I set it up to sync every time I arrive at my house. So now there is zero interaction with the app, it just does it’s thing by itself.