Your Largest Organ

Ever since I can remember I’ve had skin problems on my hands around this time of year. Problems start with annoying peeling of large chunks of skin and end with cracked, bleeding, and painful hands. I’ve tried countless lotions and medications, but none of them fixed the problem, they just lessened the pain at best. So here I am for a 3-4 week period in the fall with nasty, greasy hands waiting for this year’s episode to pass and thinking ‘that is just what my hands do’.

Enter my latest fad of being health and diet conscious. It started (as far as I can tell) mid-summer with my Jawbone UP and making me more mindful of my standard programmer lifestyle. It progressed through calorie counting, getting the ‘proper’ ratio of macro-nutrients as determined by our all knowing, ever loving government, learning that’s all a bunch of crap, the 4 hour body for fat loss, and finally the holy grail of paleo and my favorite flavor of paleo: the primal blueprint.

My fad is now nearly 5 months old and is entering the phase where it’s just the way I live. Which brings me back to my hands which are perfectly normal now. I’m about a month past the time that I normally have these problems so I’m calling this one a great success. I’m pretty confident that your diet can fix most of the problems that we encounter today dealing with our bodies. It’s frustrating to believe and experience this while the vast majority of people are oblivious to how important their diet is.

So I’ll just end it with…

Works On My Machine