How fast can you get it up?

So with OS X Lion just around the corner I’ve been thinking about the steps to get my computer up and running from a fresh install. You do do a fresh install, right? I’ll be testing these steps out in the next couple of weeks, but here’s what I have in my head…

  • install OS X development tools (do I have to buy this now from the App Store?)
  • install iTerm (because is a little long in the tooth)
  • install Homebrew
  • brew install ack git tig wget
  • install rvm
  • rvm install 1.9.2
  • rvm —default use 1.9.2
  • gem install rake (might be installed by default)
  • git clone .dotfiles (you should save your config files somewhere)
  • cd .dotfiles
  • rake link (symlinks everything into my home directory)
  • install oh-my-zsh (because who uses bash anymore?)
  • install janus (I’m a vim guy)
  • install MacVim
  • install my favorite font of the week

At this point I could start to get some work done…but what fun is that? These are the apps that I’ll need right away

and these are the apps that I’ll install as I need them

That’s at least a good 3 days of standup updates, I’ll update with anything else I find.